Who are we?

MCNUC Projects is a blog site that focuses on nuclear energy. We created this blog site to distribute information about topics which are associated with atomic technologies. Furthermore, we will discuss atomic energy, the competitors to atomic energy, radiation. And also, the risks and benefits of using nuclear technology, the hazards of avoiding the use of nuclear technology, and anything related to it. We educate people about nuclear weapons, nukes, nuclear terrorism, nuclear disarmament, deterrence, nuclear proliferation, atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, and more. In addition, we are here also to share our insights about nuclear power as well as discuss the issues related to nuclear energy. So, subscribe to us to keep up with the latest news and information about nuclear weapons about atomic weapons.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading source of information about atomic weapons and nuclear energy. That’s why to achieve this, we never stop to strive hard and share our knowledge and bring the latest news and information about nuclear energy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give useful information and facts about nuclear energy. We are here to share articles that tackles nuclear energy and weapons. This is because our main goal is to end the stigma around it. And along with educating people about the realities of nuclear weapons and war.

Our Team

Our team consists of hardworking individuals who never stop to do their best to deliver the latest and the hottest news and issues about nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, and wars. This is because each member of our team wants to help in educating and opening the mind of people about nuclear issues that are happening around us. So, keep in touch to us to get more updates about nuclear energy every day.


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