Mineral County Yucca Mountain Oversight

Routes to Yucca Mountain haven't been picked. But, if the site in the southern Nevada desert 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, becomes the country's nuclear repository, U.S. 95 might be judged a good way to reach the dump, according to the state's nuclear
transportation expert. "It's absolutely credible and possible," said Robert Halstead, who's worked on the route issue for 24 years and advised Nevada since 1988.

Halstead, who lives in Wisconsin, also claims a U.S. 95 designation would bring radioactive waste through Reno and Sparks on Interstate 80 before trucks turn south at Fernley.

Halstead claims the federal government might be left with U.S. 95 as one of the few highway alternatives, especially for waste shipments from the Pacific Northwest, if its preferred routes are blocked by legal, political, financial or safety considerations

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