Mineral County Yucca Mountain Oversight

From Hawthorne the line ran to Luning, Mina, Sodaville, and at that time, swung southwesto go through Mt. Montgomery Pass, on its way to Keeler California. The Nevada terminus then was the Candelaria mining area, which was booming. In 1900, the Southern Pacific (SP) purchased the C&C, which had fallen on hard times due to the play out of the mining areas it served. In that year silver was discovered in Tonopah.

In 1903, the Nevada Legislature granted a 200-foot right-of-way for a line to Tonopah. The Tonopah Railroad was built in 1904. The line connected to the C&C (now the SP) 5 miles south of Sodaville at what was call the Tonopah Junction, which is about where State Highway 10 and US 95 now intersect. The route ran through Coaldale and Millers, following the current US Highway 6/95 alignment. The line was surveyed at 62.39 miles in length, passing over grades not exceeding 2.5% and curvatures of 6 degrees. There was a big rock cut 1.5 miles west of Tonopah, which caused the greatest construction difficulty. The Tonopah RR operated over the C&C (SP) from Tonopah Junction to Mina (10.3 miles).

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